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PLEASE NOTE: Some prices may vary due to market pricing.

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The following are available for take-out only.
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Sandwich Platters

Each platter has 40 finger sandwiches. All sandwiches are made on a choice of wholegrain, 7-grain, pumpernickel, rye, or foccacia breads, or with spinach wrap. It is recommended that you order enough so that each guest will have 5 finger sandwiches each. Each sandwich is 3-4 bites.

Basic Afternoon Tea Platter $49.50
Selection of fresh pink salmon, egg & cress, cucumber & cream cheese, or ham & apple butter.
Egg Salad & Cress $39.50
English Cucumber & Cream Cheese $39.50
Fresh Plum Tomato & English Cheddar w/or without Branston Pickle. $49.50
Roasted Veggie Pate $45.50
Fresh Mozzarella & Plum Tomato w/fresh basil $65.00
English Stilton & Sliced Pear $53.50
Sliced Egg & Anchovy $46.50
Home Baked Smoked Ham w/apple butter or whole grain mustard. $65.00
Home Baked Ham & Brie w/apple butter $75.00
Smoked Ham w/sliced Fuji apple $65.00
Tarragon Chicken Salad $49.50
Tarragon Chicken Salad w/avocado $57.50
Fresh Mango & Curried Chicken Salad $55.50
Fresh Roast Turkey w/mayo $65.00
Fresh Roast Turkey w/horseradish, cream cheese, sprouts, tomato & basil $65.00
Fresh Roast Turkey w/bacon, arugula & fresh raspberry dressing $65.00
Fresh Pink Salmon w/fresh dill mayo $60.00
Fresh Shrimp w/pink mayo $75.00
Smoked Nova Salmon w/whole grain mustard $80.00
Smoked Nova Salmon w/sliced egg, lettuce $80.00
Smoked Nova Salmon w/English cucumber $80.00
Fresh Hummus w/garlic spread $45.00

Sandwich Platters | Savourie Platters | Salads | From the Oven| Dessert Platters

Savourie Platters

Ploughman’s Lunch
A selection of imported cheeses, fresh fruit, Branston pickle & crusty bread. Serves 6-8.
Fresh Veggie Platter
Fresh seasonal vegetables with four dips: Spicey tomato, stilton, curry & Caesar.
Delicious Hand-Crafted Hot Appetizers (40 pieces) $80.00

Hot Appetizers (20 pieces)

Scotch Egg Platter $59.95
10 eggs: 40 quarters.
Mini Pasty Platter
40 pasties: 10 lamb, 10 beef, 10 curried veggie, 10 chicken & asparagus. Same flavor may be ordered at same price.
Chicken Caesar Wrap Platter
40 mini grilled chicken & Caesar salad wraps. Assorted wraps.
Vegetarian Wrap Platter $59.95
Stilton w/walnut & fuji apple, curried fruits, hummus w/arugula, roasted veggies.

Sandwich Platters | Savourie Platters | Salads | From the Oven| Desert Platters


The following prices are per-portion.

Mrs. Gaffney’s famous homemade potato salad $4.50
Cabbage & fresh fruit $6.50
House Salad $6.50
Crisp mesculin, tomato, cucumber, sprouts & croutons. Choice of dressing.

Tri-coloured Ceasar Salad

Mesculin, romano, croutons.
Baby Greens $8.50
w/English Stilton, fresh berries, croutons, raspberry vinagrette.

Sandwich Platters | Savourie Platters | Salads | From the Oven| Desert Platters

From the Oven

Quiches, pot pies & pasties. Made fresh daily. If you need 5 or more, please call ahead. Other flavours made to order.

May be ordered by the slice. Available flavors are: Broccoli & cheddar. Bacon & cheddar. Ham & swiss. Ham & cheddar. Portabella mushroom & bacon. Seafood. Spinach. Smoked salmon. Fresh tomato & mozzarella. Smoked turkey & swiss. Three cheese. Brie, ham & walnut. Mixed veggies. Zuccchini & tomato. Fresh asparagus.

Medium: $13.50. Large: $26.50. Slice: $7.25

Pot Pies
Chicken $8.50

Curried Vegetable

Ham & Asparagus $8.50
Steak & Mushroom $8.50
Oyster $9.50
Fresh Salmon & Leek $9.50
Vegetable / Cheddar $7.50
Vegetable Bake $6.50
Vegetable Chilli $6.50
Vegetable Tortilla $6.50
Cottage Pie (per portion) $7.95
Cornish Pastie $7.25
Tiddy Oggi $7.25
Sausage Roll $5.50
Seafood Melt $8.50
Cockney Pie $7.95
Broccoli Swiss Melt $7.50
Welsh Rarebit $7.50
Welsh Rarebit w/portabella mushrooms $8.50

Sandwich Platters | Savourie Platters | Salads | From the Oven| Desert Platters

Dessert Platters

Tray of Mini-Desserts


A tray of 40 scrumptious confections.