Children’s Teas

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Children are becoming more & more interested in having Tea Parties. Not only is a Tea Party fun, but it is very different from having pizza & hamburgers. They can dress up, act grown up, experience the delight of pouring out of a Tea Pot & sipping from a fine bone china tea cup. The Victorian settling will fill their imaginations with wonder and leave them with memories that will last a lifetime.

PLEASE NOTE: Our prices on this page are out of date. Please call in if you are interested.

Basic Afternoon Tea $15.50
This Tea is the same as the adult Tea but the sandwich fillings are different. Please choose 3 fillings from the following. Chicken salad. Tuna salad. Egg salad & thinly sliced tomato. English cucumber & cream cheese. Bologna. Peanut butter & jelly. Sandwiches are cut into shapes & are garnished w/fruit & salad. A warmed heart-shaped scone, clotted cream & strawberry preserves. Children may choose from hot tea, pink lemonade, iced tea, or soda.
Teddy Bears Tea Party $17.50
This Tea is for children & any bears that might be lucky enough to be invited! Sandwiches include — Peanut butter & jelly pinwheels. Thinly sliced ham w/ Honey Dijon mustard & apple. Raspberry chicken salad. Open faced strawberry & cream cheese, all served on white bread unless otherwise requested. Honey tarts & mini warmed berry scones are served with straeberry flavoured clotted cream, wildflower honey & jam. Yummy Bear Tea hot or iced, pink lemonade, soda.
Flower Fairies Summertime Picnic Tea $28.50
We all love fairies, they have special secrets & magical powers. They live in our gardens & dine on scrumptious delicacies. We have created a magical fairies picnic for that special little person in your family. To titlate the taste buds our fairy cooks offer Sun chips w/creamy ranch & mild salsa dips. Egg & cheese tarts. Mini pizza. Fresh Fuji apple topped w/peanut butter. This is followed by lemon chicken salad pinwheels. Open-faced sweet baked ham w/apple butter. Star-shaped grilled cheese sandwiches, garnished w/fruit and salad. Every Fairy Tea Party has to have fairy cup cakes, white chocolate & sprinkle covered strawberries, lady fingers & a warmed rose scone w/strawberry flavoured clotted cream. A magical fruity punch topped w/flowers will make your little revelers dizzy with fairy joy!

Whilst we encourage all ages, please bare in mind that your children can not run about or play games in the Tea Shoppe. Party favours are great, but no glue or colored pens or crayons please. Thank you! If you have any allergy problems, please let us know.

Teddy bears and dolls are more than welcome!

(Prices listed above are per-child.)