2 thoughts on “Welcome to Sally Lunn’s!

  1. Jim

    Hi. Visited the Chester location yesterday and had a great lunch, as always. I ordered a Chicken Pot Pie to go so I could have it for lunch today. Heated it up as instructed and took my first bite. I wasn’t a happy camper, to say the least. It’s not that it wasn’t delicious, because I eventually enjoyed it, but it wasn’t Chicken Pot Pie!!! It looked just like CPP, but had chunks of beef and mushrooms in a dark, savory gravy. This item doesn’t appear to be on the menu. Again, I really enjoyed it after getting over the CPP expectations, but I’d like to know what it was so I could order it again. Please let me know. Thanks! Jim D.

  2. Christina Zarrello

    We are so sorry this happened. You received a steak mushroom pot pie. Please come into the restaurant and ask for Theresa. She will give you a free chicken pot pie.

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